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[eden] Amadeus Wilder, Painspeaker by SirMeo
[eden] Amadeus Wilder, Painspeaker
From my Eden project thing.

The only Speaker who isn't a complete nerd, Amadeus Wilder is a honest business man who would never do smuggling on the side. He also is not a creepy cultist who can only feel pleasure from inflicting pain on others... or on himself. Nope. Not at all.

Prior to joining the cult he used to be a fairly well-adjusted young man. Then he was forced to enlist to an army by his family, shipped to fight a war he wanted no part in, and eventually he came back with a scarred face, severe PTSD and changed personality. Soon after he joined the Cult of the Red King, and eventually acquired the power of Painspeaking, the ability to cause physical pain to anyone with just his words. Sadly this caused him to become ever more mentally unstable, as it has made him unable to feel physical pleasure without causing pain on someone or something.

He is also bit of a bully.


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[eden]  Dianee Hazzard, Lifespeaker by SirMeo
[eden] Dianee Hazzard, Lifespeaker
Tweaked this character's design a bit... made her cuter but I'm not sure if I want to make her this cute... maybe needs more uncanny valley?

Lifespeaker Dianee Hazzard from my Eden-project. Despite looking so young, she is actually in her fifties; she just hasn't outwardly aged since acquiring her "Speaking" power. This also means she has mostly retreated from "normal" living, dedicating herself to the Cult she serves. She is actually even de facto leader of the Cult, even though "officially" all the Speakers should have equal say on what happens- It's just that she has the time and zeal to fully dedicate herself to the worship of the Red King, and since everyone recognizes it, most members of the cult do as ahe says.

(her hair and eyes used to be dark brown, but drinking the blood of the Red King made them light)


If you're interested in seeing more of my art, please follow me on tumblr: // OR FA…
[doodle][wow] nothing much by SirMeo
[doodle][wow] nothing much
just hanging out with my HOT NIGHT ELF GIRLFRIEND

I meant to draw something else entirely but then I started playing some Mega NGR Man tracks and had to draw Sylvester because reasons u_u

and also Kyrai because I’ve not drawn them together in AGES and also because tall women are always a good thing.

Kyrai belongs to Kaih0 and Sylvester is mine, SirMeo i guess :T

Yup. I'm looking for a quick art trade, headshots or something like that, nothing too complex.

I would draw something like Headshot-batch-12 by SirMeo this for you, and I don't expect anything more complex in return.

If interested, please comment and post some examples of what you can draw for me, and tell me what you would like to draw (for example if you like drawing men more than women, so I know to not ask you to draw women if I choose you)

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"And so he went down to the settlement, apologised to Ermengarde, let her go home, and went home himself to plot new crimes and invent new modes of villainy."

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LiltingMoone Featured By Owner May 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, I saw some of your art trade head shots with Spazzan, and they were lovely! ^^ I was wondering if you were interesting in doing a trade with me? >v<
SirMeo Featured By Owner May 12, 2015   Digital Artist
Hey, please see this!
aedan122 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015
undead your are too amazing, i like will drawing the undead without  stereotype of bones.
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