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Christmas Sale Stuff by SirMeo
Christmas Sale Stuff

Ehhhh, a bit early but whatever, who’s counting anyway!

Soon it’s Christmas/[or insert your celebration here] time and like I’ve done past two years, I’d like to run a Christmas calendar -type commission deal.

I’m offering waist up sketches this year, only 8 usd/character! A single piece can have up to 3 characters. Artwork can be Christmas/Holidays themed… or not, if you don’t want it to be! New Years/general party themes are also possible.

Examples: these and these
More of my art can be seen on my art blogs: here and here If you are interested in commissioning something else, my regular commissions are also open, here! If I get a good start with these and can finish my current queue fast, there will be an additional Christmas sale for regular commissions too, so keep an eye open for that.

So how does this work? You fill out this form, for starters, and once your slot has been confirmed, you will be assigned a date, from 1st to 24th, for each day leading to Christmas Eve [you can request for a specific date, if said date has not already been claimed — to see available slots, check out my Commission Queue] and each day I will post one of the pieces. This means that if you are given the 6th slot, you will receive the artwork on or before 6th of December!

(This is, of course, if no delays happen. In case there are delays that last over 7 days, we can discuss a refund!)

You have the right to repost (with credit/link) even before “my” posting date, if you do not wish to wait, too!

I can draworiginal characters, fan characters (e.g. fantrolls, naruto ocs and the like), human(oid)s, furries, fantasy animals (dragons etc.), mmo player characters (WoW, GW2, WS…) and the like.

I will not draw — fanart (e.g. Superman, Levi, Sephiroth and the like), MMO npcs (like Sylvanas Windrunner), nsfw subject matters (characters wearing bikini is ok, full frontal female nudity is not), real life people (this includes both celebrities and your friends/relatives/you) and… that’s about it. Yes, this time I’m offering even worgen.

That’s all, I think! This post will get updated if something else comes up.

Thank you for commissioning me!

* * *

COMMISSION FORM // sirmeo @ gmail . com

meoproject // meocraft // sirmeofa // sirmeowzl // sirmeoda

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