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Crazy about hamsters
Artist | Digital Art
"Incurable lover of the grotesque."

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>>> Commission info & status:…
Also has links to my commission FAQ and public queue. Please read this if you want to commission me!
I do not accept point commissions.

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Requests: NO!
Art trades: Maybe

Me elsewhere:
updated more often with art and limited time commission offers // //…

My e-mail:
sirmeo [ at ] gmail . com

partners in crime
:iconpeemu: :iconmiiivi:

We’re on the final stretch! I’ll be closing this form on Monday, midnight GMT+2 time, so if you were hesitating, now is your chance!

Thank you everyone who has participated!
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We’re on the final stretch! I’ll be closing this form on Monday, midnight GMT+2 time, so if you were hesitating, now is your chance!

Thank you everyone who has participated!
  • Listening to: Simon Koh - Come On Come On!

Untitled by SirMeo

Oh, yeah. Time for this. Because my computer died, and I need money to get it fixed. More about my situation here.

Ok so, basically! I’m offering you headshot commissions for a reduced price! 

🎨  Lineart: $5
🎨  Flat colors: $7
🎨  Shaded: $10

Even more! If you buy three headshots, you get 15% off, meaning instead of $15, three lineart headshots will be only $12.75; instead of $21, three flat color headshots are $17.85 and finally, three fully shaded headshots are $25.50 instead of $30!

This extra offer only counts in sets of three, meaning if you for example want 4 lineart headshots, the next headshot is full price again, and only if you get 6 headshots in total, you get the full discount again!

Also? If you commission a lineart, you have my permission to color it, as long as I’m properly credited should you post it!

🎨🎨🎨 Need examples of what I can do? No problem!
Headshot tag @ meoproject /// Headshot tag @ meocraft

✔️ I’m willing to draw… lots of things, really. I’m ok with human(oids), furries/anthro, “fantasy/cartoon” animal characters (no “realistic” animals, cartoony is ok). original characters, fan characters, WoW/other MMO player characters and the like.
❌ I’m not willing to draw your usual hateful subject matters, real life people (includes both celebrities and you and your family members), canon characters/NPCs from video games. I will not draw characters without a clear reference unless otherwise negotiated. I won’t draw realistic style/any other stye than my own!

Complex characters might cost extra, but I will always notify you about it before sending an invoice. Due the cartoony and simple nature of these headshots, some details might get simplified to fit the style better.

These artworks are semi-artist freedom. You get to choose the character (and their expression if desired), but I offer no WIPs (work in process previews) nor will I significantly alter/redraw the finished piece. I WILL fix mistakes of course, provided the mistakes is due my error and not because of insufficient or inaccurate references.  If you want something you have more control over, please check out my commission info! I’m currently offering 10% off all and any “regular” commissions where the total would be 20 usd or more per item!

Still interested?


➺ ➺ ➺ ➺ LINK

If you have a trouble with the form, you can also e-mail, but please include all the info the form asks!

If your commission gets accepted, I will send you an invoice via PayPal, and if there are problems with your form, I will let you know via e-mail!

General commission ToS applies.
Commission Queue // Art FAQ // Commission ToS/FAQ

Thank you for your time! Signal boosts appreciated.

>> Sir Meo 🐹 //
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The motherboard of my work computer got corrupted. I have a laptop but this machine is not for running PS.
I don’t need your “you should try this” help, I already tried everything I could and sent it to the shop for proper diagnosis, I know you’re trying to help but I’m extremely tense right now. I lost a lot with this fuck up, I don’t need of that right now, okay?

The cost for fixing it isn’t…. impossible, but as I cannot eat broken motherboards, I could use some extra money.

If you want to commission me now, I’ll offer -10% everything on my commission list ::…

Obviously I cannot do any work before I get my work computer back and I already have a queue, so there will be some wait.

I’m also going to run a headshot sale, info about that later.

If you just want to tip me, you can use ko-fi:

I appreciate all help I can get.
  • Listening to: Simon Koh - Come On Come On!
[character design] Werewolves
Top character: Amon, Bottom character: André (why do they both have names starting with A??? coincidence)

I made some specific design choices with my werewolves: 1) I don’t want to them to be bipedal or anthro or “furry” in any way, shape or form. They gotta be quadrupedal.  2) I don’t want them to look like “wolf” wolves. I thought about it and decided it would be more interesting to give them all an unique design based on their human form. Sure they aren’t “wolves” if you want to be strict about it, but frankly, if anything that sucks blood (hell, doesn’t even need to be blood, any life-force works too!) can be called a vampire in literature, then werewolves should get some leeway too. 

As a human Amon is muscular, sleek and sharp-looking, and I wanted that to be part of his wolf-y form too. I think I could try and make him look a bit more beastly, but I suck at designing monsters tbh :/

As for André... He looks somewhat more wolf-y than Amon does, but is actually based more off on caucasian shepherd (I did try floppy ears at first but it made him look a bit too dog-like). He looks pretty compact but he is actually… pretty fat. His flooffff masks a lot of it, though. He is somewhat shaggy and out of shape, but he is still a vicious killer, so don’t go too near him during the full moon.

(and they do have dewclaws in their hind legs, because humans have five toes with nails... my werewolves are also intentionally front heavy)

Me elsewhere: // //…

GUYS!!! sTOP that that makes you look not heterosexual!!!!

Some ocs. I had a dream someone drew me fanart like this??? But no one did so I had to do it myself.


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