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Crazy about hamsters
Artist | Digital Art
"Incurable lover of the grotesque."

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Requests: NO!
Art trades: Maybe

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partners in crime
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Ughh many of the groups I've joined are sorta... in-active? Like folders full and administration gone sorta inactive, I don't really mean there needs to be tons of group activities or anything, just basic maintenance.
So, uh, yeah? If you own a group or know some cool groups, can you recommend me any?

I like WoW OCs (no canon character focused groups, Horde/Undead preference), Original characters in general, "humanoid" style monsters/demons etc., digital art and offering commissions. Basically all you find on my gallery is good :V

I don't want  fanart-focused groups (don't really draw much of that), canon character focused groups (ditto) and uhhh... no traditional art either because I don't use enough traditional art to justify that. No RP groups, groups that require creating a new oc/application to enter (basically I just want OC groups I can post my existing oc art on) or adoptables either, please!
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Painting Test -- Lady
I tried painting after watching some YouTube tutorials, it turned BAD, I hated how it turned out. I cropped like 2/3rds of it off, changed the position of her arms and tried to work with what I got.

Still not something I’m 100% satisfied with, but it’s either post this or don’t post at all. I did learn a new trick so I guess not 100% waste of time…?

Original character.

Me elsewhere:
updated more often with art and limited time commission offers // //…
Gunness Sisters
Beatrice and Irene, the Gunness sisters.

There is a lot I could say about them, but I’ve already talked about them at length in the past, so I’m gonna skip that this time. It’s easy to feel sorry for them – their life has not always been the easiest, and their respective disfigurements (trust me, while Beatrice still has her face, she is probably worse off of the two) don’t make life easy or comfortable, but it’s worth noting that while they are victims in some respect, they are also perpetrators in... many more situations.
[wow][mild gore] Fixer-Upper
Meredith doing some maintenance work. You can tell there is not a living or un-living soul within 1000 meter radius because no one ever sees Meredith improperly dressed.

I know he’s probably my least liked character but I don’t really care because he’s my favorite boy. I really want to get back to RP….

People often - incorrectly - assume Meredith is a nice, good undead. I think that’s not fully true. He’s more of a .. polite undead. There is a vast difference between the two. That being said, he is not “evil” either. He has standards. If you are polite or at least nice yourself, you will probably have a good meeting (if distant and impersonal) meeting with Meredith*.

He is socially awkward and has bad anxiety, so people often - incorrectly - assume Meredith is spineless and meek, and I think he prefers it that way. In truth he is just really good at picking his battles. If he didn’t argue back, it’s just because you aren’t worth his time. In truth Meredith is very opinionated, very intelligent and observant, it’s just that… most people will never really see this side of him.

[that being said, if you catch him when his depression is really acting up, he might think he isn’t worth your time instead. It’s complicated, and when considering Meredith one needs to always remember Meredith suffers from a mood disorder, and his view on both himself and other people will always be through a slightly warped lens due this.]

[* unless you are a worgen. Meredith has never met a worgen who was nice to him and also lost his eye to a worgen when he was a freshly raised lil’ forsaken, and he generally wishes to not associate with worgen at all.]

Me elsewhere:
updated more often with art and limited time commission offers // //…        
[wow] Fel Float
I was thinking about how I would love to get art of this girl but how I'm also 100% afraid of people fucking it up (either by going full fat fetish on her, or giving her "thicc but perfect plus size hourglass body uwu") ... so I drew her myself.

My blood elf warlock, Ophelia Sunstealer having a good ol' time.
Do you think fel has more of a mint or a pear taste? I think either would go well with vanilla ice cream and chocolate anyway.

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[remake] After After
Since I posted some old art on tumblr recently, I had to check if I had an old art tag.

I do. And there was old art on it. There were also remakes of old art. One of those remakes was already like 5 years old. So I did a remake of a remake, because why not?

Also I tested some brushes I don’t know how to use. Also the logo on his shirt is backwards because I added in while the canvas was flipped and I’m too lazy to fix so, uh, it’s a bootleg shirt?


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